Rotovac Carpet Cleaning

Most carpet cleaning companies use the old fashioned wand to steam clean your carpet. Our technologically advanced equipment is far superior which is why we can get your carpets cleaner. Below we will compare the old method to our state-of-the-art Rotovac cleaning system.

  • Traditional Wand Method

    • Cleans in only 2 directions with only a couple cleaning passes
    • Carpets take 2-3 days to dry completely
    • Relies on the strength and energy of the worker
    • Leaves many tough stains and shadowing in the carpet
    • Agitation of the carpet is limited by the stamina of the worker

  • Rotovac 360 Method

    • Cleans from all directions with up to 1500 cleaning passes per minute - which means a deeper clean with more agitation
    • Carpets take 24 hours to dry completely
    • The Motor does not get tired which means a more consistent job from start to end.
    • Restores the carpet and lifts matted areas - also removes more tough stains and shadowing
    • Removes Heavy to Severe Soiling
    • Better at removing Pet Spots

Side by Side comparison of the Traditional Wand vs our Rotovac system

Left: steam cleaning wand Right: the state-of-the-art Rotovac system

We also offer Applied Physics Extraction for Light to Moderate Soil

  • Applied Physics Extraction

    • Great for Light to Moderate Soiling
    • Carpets dry in 1 to 2 hours
    • Helps to prevent returning spots
    • Carpets stay clean longer
    • Scrubs from all directions instead of just one or two